The recognition of women’s surfing

Surfing has been practiced by the people of the Hawaiian Islands since the 15th century. In this part of the world everyone was surfing, whether women, children or men. With the arrival of Europeans in the Pacific, surfing gradually spread all over the world. But at that time, it was still very rare to see a woman in the water and therefore it was almost inconceivable to see a woman surfing.

Even if female surfing does not yet have the same notoriety as male surfing, some women surfers stand out thanks to the “sexy” aspect of the discipline.  Indeed, some of them use their advantageous physique to make women’s surfing a hot topic. This is the case with Alana Blanchard, Bree Kleintop, Anastasia Ashley and many others. These surfers, completely dissociated from circuits and competitions, manage to get people talking about them outside the sphere of professional surfing by focusing on fashion, music or art. Thanks to their glamorous photos, they are not only the delight of their Instagram followers, but also the delight of sponsors who have clearly identified the new direction taken by this discipline and who continue to support them. Women’s surfing is on the rise, both “surf competition” with the entry into the Olympic Games in 2020 of the discipline and “sexy surfing” with the growing interest of brands for these sportswomen!